The best of 2011: Arts Blog edition

It’s almost time for the New Year’s Eve countdown, which means it’s also time for *our* countdown. Here, without further fanfare, is an illustrated list of the 11 most-viewed Arts Blog posts of 2011 (and yes, some of these originally appeared on the blog before 2011, but clearly that didn’t stop anyone from reading them this year, too):

11. Alumni create a ‘living’ art museum in N.C.


10. Dance groups join forces for annual benefit


9. Stuart Gibbs C’91 makes his fiction debut with ‘Belly Up’


8. Anna Deavere Smith performs and discusses ‘Let Me Down Easy’


7. Artist Alexandra Tyng GEd’77 creates ‘Portraits for the Arts’


6. Suggested Summer Reading: Part 2


5. Suggested summer reading from Penn alumni-authors


4. Righteous Dopefiend at the Penn Museum


3. Tom Heller C’95 has produced back-to-back Best Film nominees


2. Freddy Wexler C’10 shows the music world that “[He’ll] Be There”

…and finally, our most-viewed post this year:

1. Arts Grant winner creates stringy situation

Thanks for reading, and please let us know in the comments: What would you like to see on the blog in 2012?

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