Alumnus John Legend’s surprise Philadelphia performance

The well-known musician/songwriter John Legend C’99 has been winding his way through the country lately as the opening act for Sade’s North American tour. A few weeks ago, that tour brought him back to Philadelphia, where he surprised the Calvary Baptist Church in West Philly with a performance of Aretha Franklin’s “How I Got Over.” Here’s what happened:

Legend also appears in the latest issue of the Gazette. Early in the interview, writer Kathy Kearns C’00 asks Legend if there are any emerging artists or sounds that particularly inspire him. His answer? Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” which he covers a cappella below:

Which reminds us: Did you know Legend was a member of the coed a cappella group Counterparts at Penn? As he told Kearns in the interview: “Some of my very good friends, some of my best friends, are people that I sang with in school. Actually, one of my managers was a couple of years ahead of me in Counterparts.”

Want to learn more about Legend? Check out this feature from the Gazette‘s Jan|Feb 2005 issue.

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