VIDEO: What do some 360 doodled-on cups look like in person?

For the new July|August 2011 issue of the Gazette, I interviewed Gwyneth Leech C’81, an artist who spent six weeks inside a New York City display window drawing on used paper coffee cups.

When I visited her studio last month, Leech described the 360 or so cups she’s created as “a 3-D sketchbook that you can stack” and offered up this explanation for her devotion to the project: “For whatever reason, [the cups] are a useful form for me. Shakespeare wrote sonnets. Bach wrote fugues. I draw on used paper coffee cups.”

She also blogged about her experience in the window here.

While the article includes some fantastic images (including the one above) from photographer Marianne Barcellona, if you’re still curious about what so many doodled-on cups looks like — and what the artist looked like sitting in their midst — Leech has given me permission to share this video:

A few weeks ago, Leech took her collection of cups on the road again, this time to Buck House on Madison Avenue. There are numerous photos from that four-hour installation event available here.

Wondering what Leech’s off-the-cup works look like? Her website features some of her past series, including Marsh Lines — paintings inspired by aerial views of the salt marshes along the New Jersey Coast — and Perfect Families, a portrait series of alternative and mixed-race families.

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One response to “VIDEO: What do some 360 doodled-on cups look like in person?

  1. Gwyneth; wonderful quote: “a 3-D sketchbook that you can stack. Keep up the great work.
    Norma Greenwood

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