Is an Oscar on the horizon for this C’95 producer?

Did you catch the profile Emily Rosenbaum C’95 GEd’96 wrote for last year’s May/June Gazette? The one about Todd Lieberman C’95, who co-produced the 2010 People’s Choice Award-winner for Favorite Comedy Movie? The one that traces Lieberman’s ascent in Hollywood from bartender and cologne salesman to producer of award-winning films?

If not, check it out here.

Once you’ve given that a read, get ready for Todd’s latest news: His recent production effort, The Fighter, took home two Golden Globes earlier this month, and is now up for a slew of Oscars, including the highly coveted Best Picture award. We wish him the best of luck next month at the Academy Awards.

In addition to The Proposal, Lieberman also served as a producer for Surrogates (2009), Wild Hogs (2007), and The Shaggy Dog (2006). He’s currently producing the upcoming Muppets movie–written by and starring Jason Segel–which is due out this Thanksgiving. (And which I’m excited to see.)

And in case you missed it in the theater, here’s a trailer for The Fighter:


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3 responses to “Is an Oscar on the horizon for this C’95 producer?

  1. bob

    Hey Molly! Thanks for keeping us all informed about how Penn grads are excelling in the arts! We love your lively posts!

  2. anonymous

    Yikes, kind of a scary track record before the Fighter… hopefully the Muppets Movie turns out well. If Jason Segel’s at the helm though I don’t think it can go far wrong.

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