Arts-related Highlights from the DP

The Daily Pennsylvanian — Penn’s student-run newspaper — is a source for all manner of campus news, including arts-and-culture-related fare. As the week wraps up, I wanted to highlight three arts-related stories that appeared in the DP this past week. (I also added some bonus Arts Blog footage to the summaries and links.) I won’t call this a weekly blog feature, but I will promise to do it again from time to time.

  • On Tuesday, there was an interview with Matt Kap C’97, whose band, Moving Picture Show, has a song on Rock Band, available for download. While he was at Penn, a very busy Kap played in a ska band called The Benevolent Security Men, performed in student plays, appeared on a TV show called Locust Walk and sang with Penn Madrigals a cappella choir. He also designed his own major, which focused on music composition.
    Bonus blog footage: A video of the song on Rock Band’s “expert” setting.

  • Remember Ben Stiller’s somber, track-suit-clad children in The Royal Tenenbaums? The older one was played by Jonah Meyerson C’13 — a Mask and Wig cast member who’s currently interning for 30 Rock.
    Bonus blog footage: Jonah in a recent “Above the Influence” commercial.

    And with Ben Stiller as young Uzi Tenenbaum (right):

  • More than 100 people gathered in the ARCH auditorium on Thursday night for a performance by comedian Eliot Chang. The event was hosted by the Asian Pacific Student Coalition and Sangam, and included performances by Penn Masti, the Excelano Project and Simply Chaos. Following his standup performance, Chang led a discussion on “Asians in the Media.”
    Bonus blog footage: A sample of Eliot’s standup. 

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