Live, from New York…

it’s Vanessa Bayer (C’04)!

That’s right, a Penn alumna has joined the ranks of Saturday Night Live as part of the newest crop of cast members, and she made her debut on the first show of the season last Saturday.

Bayer appeared several times throughout the episode alongside SNL veteran (and that night’s host) Amy Poehler, including in a sketch called “Ladies Who Lunch.” (Bayer’s the one in the pink jacket.)

She and Poehler also teamed up in this faux ad called “Wedding Venue.”

Seems as though she’s off to quite a start!

While at Penn, Bayer served as director of Bloomers–Penn’s all-women musical and sketch comedy group–and interned at Late Night With Conan O’Brien and Sesame Street. Since then, she has performed with Chicago improv groups ImprovOlympic, Annoyance Theater and Second City. To see a few of her pre-SNL videos, follow this link to her YouTube page.


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3 responses to “Live, from New York…

  1. bob

    SNL lives! Very silly, and so it should be. Thanks for the clips, Molly. You 30 rock!

  2. anonymous

    I legit enjoyed the gay marriage/Gr0 mosque clip. I think it’s the first funny thing I’ve seen on SNL in a decade. That guy was WAY better in SUPERBAD though. Classic support part.

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