David Price C’03: TV Producer/Mummy Chaser

In late 2009, David Price C’03 spent six months chasing mummies in Egypt with fellow alum (and secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities) archaeologist Zahi Hawass G’83, Gr’87. “It was an incredible experience,” Price said. “Every day was an adventure.”

Now, the rest of the world can see Price’s once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Chasing Mummies, a TV series that debuted on The History Channel last Wednesday and returns tomorrow night for its second episode. “People can expect to see adventure, excitement — the real-life Indiana Jones,” said Price, who served as the supervising producer of the show. “It’s archaeology like you’ve never seen it before.”

Price says this week’s episode features one of his favorite experiences from the trip: a visit to the Five Chambers in the Great Pyramid at Giza. “Only a handful of people have ever been up there,” Price said. “Just to get in, we had to go up a 28-foot ladder into a two-and-a-half-foot hole at the ceiling of the Grand Gallery, then climb through a series of tunnels and ladders to get to the top of the fifth chamber. Being in a place that’s existed for thousands of years was just incredible.”

When we spoke earlier this month, Price had just finished filming another new series for which he also served as supervising producer: The Peacemaker on A&E. Slated to debut this fall, the show follows gang interventionist Malik Spellman as he works to mediate truces between rival Los Angeles gangs. “I’m very excited about that project,” said Price, who worked alongside Executive Producer Ice-T. “We were able to infiltrate the L.A. gang world in order to get to know [gang members] as people.”

It’s quite a leap from crawling through ancient tombs, but for Price, who also helped produce The Biggest Loser, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels and High School Reunion, drastic changes of scenery are part of the job. “What I love about working in TV is that each show is so unique and everything is its own adventure,” he added. “It’s not like a film that you work on for a year or two; it usually takes about six to nine months to make a TV series, and then you’re on to the next one.”

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  1. anonymous

    I was talking to someone about this, and they asked “How can he be responsible for that cool mummy show, and also for complete junk like Richard Simmons’ Family Jewels?” I miss the days when crappy reality TV almost always had Marc Cronin’s fingerprints on it.

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