Infectious songs, ultra sounds

Yesterday’s Inquirer mentioned a Penn music group I’d never heard of before: The PennMed Ultrasounds. Formed in 2008, the group’s infectious repertoire includes well-known classics from Billy Joel (“And So It Goes“) to Disney (“Kiss the Girl“), as well as their own playful parodies (“Silent Night” as “Hepatitis Night” and “The Longest Time” as “Hemophilia,” for example).

While their musical director Darryl Powell has a background in gospel, other Ultrasounds have no previous musical experience. Regardless of their individual levels of expertise, the Penn medical students find it “a creative outlet, a bonding experience, and a release from the stresses of the classroom and the lab,” according to the Inquirer article.

And believe it or not, they’re not the only medical student a cappella group in the area; there are similar groups at all five medical schools in Philadelphia — after all, music is contagious.

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