It’s Earth Day!

The 40th anniversary of Earth Day, in fact. Which makes this the perfect time to mention a few recent intersections between the environment and the arts.

First, an update on that recycled cup sculpture I mentioned. (Remember, the one that looks like a tree?) They’ve added some signage to it:

In case you can’t read the fine print, it says that most coffee cups aren’t recyclable, and that if everyone used a personal mug one day each year, we would save 26,000 trees (and 63 million cups). That’s because, as the even finer print states, wood is one of the primary (and least recyclable) materials used to make the cups. So now you know.

I also wanted to tell you about the Morris Arboretum’s 13th-annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, which took place on April 10 and 17, and is an excellent illustration of outdoor, eco-inspired art.

There was music,

visual art creation (Japanese calligraphy and paper dragons), and lots of beautiful blossoms.

Next up at the Arboretum: A May 1 Arbor Day celebration, with a tree treasure hunt ending at artist Patrick Dougherty’s 25-foot-high sculpture made entirely from sticks, branches and tree limbs.


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2 responses to “It’s Earth Day!

  1. Bob

    Folks in our office continue to be entertained and informed by Molly’s arts blogs, now with pictures! Thanks to the Gazette for helping to keep us connected with Penn.

  2. Bruce

    Seriously? 26,000 trees per day? That’s insane. Almost criminal. Glad I have a personal mug.

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