Do you recognize this window?

Now, for a new game: Guess the Place!

Here’s your clue:

That’s right — it’s the front windows of the School of Design on a beautiful spring day.

This colorful installation was created by Gregory Hurcom (M.Arch’10) and Nadine Kashlan (M.Arch’09) and is entitled “What to Do with Rubies that Fall from Heaven?”According to the two Penn artists, this work is about “Accumulation. Vibration. Color. Excess. The body engulfed by a flood of images. Fractures, fragments, particles sped up and slowed. An entrance, a passageway, an exit: transfer, movement. Delayed arrivals, departures… through a wall of color, reflections, deflections, sounds of the spectrum. Pulsing light penetrates the transparency of a once solid glass field broken apart by color, shards of imagery, an aerie, stars born and destroyed – explosions, new textures of light and space.”

It certainly caught my eye!

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