‘Museum’ at the museum

This event at the Arthur Ross Gallery tomorrow through Sunday looks like so much fun–and a wonderful way for the University to begin wrapping up Arts and the City Year. I’m hoping to attend, and will report back with my impressions and (hopefully) some photos and videos to share. If you’re going, too, here are a few things to watch for:

  • a voiceover from SAS Dean Rebecca Bushnell
  • appearances by Penn staffers from the College Houses, Kelly Writers House, Van Pelt Library, Chemistry Department and Medical School.
  • art exhibits created by a Penn grad student, a Visual Studies professor and a local puppetteer.
  • a visit from the playwright herself on Saturday, coupled with a panel discussion with Penn faculty and Aaron Levy, the chief curator of the Slought Foundation (and also a Penn alum).


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4 responses to “‘Museum’ at the museum

  1. Ty

    Kudos to Rose for a fantastically executed idea!!!

  2. anonymous

    Great play! Loved the idea of setting it in an actual gallery.

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  4. Bob

    Couldn’t make it to the play. Thanks to Molly’s writing and pictures, I feel as if I’d been there. I like this blog a lot!

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