Mask and Wig comes home tonight…

…for its 122nd annual production, A Cheshire Catastrophe.

For the first time since 2007, members of the Mask and Wig Club will perform tonight in their historic Clubhouse, which underwent nearly $2 million of renovations over the last few years. (Upgrades include a new elevator, air conditioning and artwork conservation.)

I’ll let the Mask and Wiggers describe their show, which runs through April 9, for you:
A Cheshire Catastrophe takes you down the rabbit hole, over the rainbow, and across the universe in a suitably absurd return to its historic clubhouse. At the opening we meet our protagonist Alex, a disillusioned college graduate who stumbles through a mysterious door at his graduation party and winds up a stranger in the bizarre fantasy world of Merryland (no, not Maryland). Initially only trying to find his way home, Alex becomes embroiled in a rebellion against the evil Lady Marmalade, who is hell bent on ordering and regulating the eccentric and fantastic world of Merryland. Will Alex ever find his way back home? Can Merryland be saved from the obsessive Lady Marmalade? Talking moles and Munchkaloompas and tap dancing, oh my! Break on through the looking glass and let Mask and Wig show you why there’s no place like home.

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