Here we go!

Welcome to The Pennsylvania Gazette‘s new arts blog — a digital space for all things arts, culture, entertainment and Penn.

My name is Molly Petrilla (C’06), and I’ve contributed frequently to the Gazette for almost five years now. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to write about fascinating (and arts-focused) alumni, students, University initiatives, exhibitions and events. I’ll be doing the same here, and also incorporating photos, videos, interviews and other interactive goodies.

I hope to make this a fun place where you can get your Penn arts and culture fix. With that in mind, comments, suggestions and ideas are always appreciated:


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2 responses to “Here we go!

  1. Bob

    This long-overdue augmentation of the Penn Gazette is in capable hands. It is good to find so much solid information presented in a direct, conversational style. The hyperlinks lead us to visual and audio sources, making this blog entertaining while very useful. Congrats on launching this new University alumni perk.

  2. Judith

    This is a wonderful blog that will surely help us plan our next day trip to Philly. The photos are wonderful, too. Will definitely have to check out that “forest of trees.” Thanks for launching this.

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